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A million times thank ou to Dr. Liepiņa, Katerina and the anesthisologist for making my experience absolutely perfect. I will definetely recommend you to my friends.
Have a lovely summer!


I came to an initial consultation with a surgeon at the clinic regarding an otoplasty revision procedure. The surgeon said that she did not have the experience required for the type of surgery that I required and recommended an alternative clinic. The surgeon's frankness and honesty are praiseworthy. The Dermatology Clinic seems to be run in a very professional manner and is highly recommended.

Timothy Norris

Labdien, Linda Stale (Medical Tourism Manager), I wish to express my appreciation for the excellent care I received from Veselibas Centrs 4 (Capital Clinic Riga). Also, thank you for your personal attention and the professionalism that you showed me.

I could not have gone to all the tests that I had done in your clinic without your help.

     It was good to see a young person take charge and see the job thru from picking me up at my hotel to dropping me off at the airport. A job well done!!

The cost of all the tests that I had done during my stay was a real savings. The savings for anyone coming from the Unite States of America is well worth the trip.

     I will definitely recommend your Veselibas Centrs 4 (Capital Clinic Riga) to all of our clients.

John Gunars Berzins

Medical Travel Partners

John Gunars Berzins

Thank you, Linda, again for being so hospitable and kind to us. It made the trip a lot smoother and means I had less to worry about which was really good for me as I had enough to worry about haha!

We really appreciate you driving us round everywhere as well as help us when I needed it. And the Balzams will be opened soon enough! It was a pleasure to meet you and meant a lot to us both that you were there every step of the way.


Thank you again and take care!


Callum/ United Kingdom

Thank you!

Hello to whoever is reading this,

My name is Edmunds and I am a patient of Jana Janovska for quite some time now.
I am writing this as a recommendation for both my doctor and the clinic itself.
She has been treating my skin condition for my back and has done so with great deal of expertise.She is very professional in her work, yet gives off a friendly atmosphere. And I would recommend her to anyone.
The staff at the Dermatology Clinic is very friendly.I have not had any problems with them as they always have kept me well informed about my appointments.
The environment is very patient friendly and I have always felt very content and comfortable being there.

Kind Regards,
Edmunds Kemme

Edmunds Kemme


I wish to express my appreciation for the kindness and excellent care that I have received at your clinic, by dr. Jana Janovska. I came in with a problem that I had struggled with for many years allready, and that had allready been attempted to treat by two other doctors, without luck. Dr. Janovska really had the best approach, and has solved it in an exceptional way, with dedicated work and much care. I am extremely grateful for her help, and I will make sure to recommend her as a doctor, and also your amazing clinic, to anyone I come across.




Dear Linda, I can’t thank you enough for the care and attention you gave to me. I couldn't have asked for more enjoyable time than I had at your hospital and staying in Riga. It was great comfort hole way down. Big thanks to hospital staff of being friendly. Big, big thanks to Raimonds and Valdis for great service and laugh. All of you guys doing very high class work.

Olga from Ireland.

I am 27 years old. I suffer from horrible herpes since childhood. But wherever I went, the doctors said that there is no clinic that treats herpes in our country. When I decided to look at the cost of treatment in Latvia, I was surprised. Everything wasn't as expensive as I expected. So I chose Dermatology Clinic, because it specialises in curing such condition. Words cannot express how I am satisfied with the treatment. They helped me with my problem that tormented me for many years. I am ashamed of my appearance no more. In this clinic, they not just solved my health problem, but also improved my mental condition. I thank you for this!!!"

Vita, Russia


Good day, everyone. I am 25 years old. I have neurodermatitis since childhood. I tried everything, but both conventional treatment and our (Belarusian) products were of little help. I began searching for treatment abroad and found out about this clinic. Then I decided to take a trip to Latvia for consultation. The doctor has prescribed medications and prescription creams, and I immediately bought them in Riga. And the result exceeded all my expectations. Just after a couple of days of pill taking, I experienced a certain and clear improvement of skin condition. Also, creams recommended by the doctor helped me very well. The doctor also answered all of my questions. I am very pleased and do not regret a bit that I visited this clinic. Thank you!"

Igor, Belarus


 I planned to stay in Riga for only 3 days, so I haven't had much time for treatment at Baltic Vein Clinic. I was encumbered with doubts probably typical for any patient in an unfamiliar country: Will I be able to return home safely? Will I have enough energy to attend business meetings, because I didn't come here for a walk?! So I set myself up for a long procedure and sat in a cosy armchair with a cup of hot coffee waiting for my appointment. Then smiling doctor Peteris Gerke entered the hall in a cracking pace and invited me into the office. I was presented with a diagnosis in a couple of minutes after a Doppler scan. My unhealthy vein holding me from wearing skirts for a decade was superficial. And while the doctor explained the key points of the proposed method, I was still drinking my hot coffee. Doctor Gerke stunned me telling that the surgical procedure will last only half an hour under local anaesthesia and then I will need to find compression stockings and I will be able to join my colleagues.

An hour later I was in the company of my colleagues and in stockings which I now always put on during the flights. To my surprise, as rehabilitation after the small surgery, the doctor has prescribed... no, not the pills, but a long daily walk. That's when my busy schedule of meetings and an evening tour around the Old Town came in handy :)

Natalia Strokovskaya,
Chief Editor of DoctorGeo Magazine,
Kiev, Ukraine

Natalia Strokovskaya

Good afternoon

 We traveled to Riga to Clinic Veselibas Centrs 4, 21 of may 2015...Noel had an appointment to Neurologist in Capital Clinic Riga

 First of all we have to mentioned Jaroslava Barodina...Wonderful person.She did her job very well everything was well organize a first class job. She was on time to pick up us from hotel to bring us to the Capital clinic Riga- Duntes street ,and than brought us to dentist to VC4 Krisjana Barona 117. Any problems we had - Jaroslava sorted them out right away. She organized ultrasound as well for me after i saw neurologist and went and waited while i was in clinic. Again she did a great job, Thank you .

 The clinics were very clean and up to date with there equipment and the Organization was very good from the time we entered the clinic with friendly staff. .Doctors were very professional and with quite good English so no problem with communication..

 We would like to thank all the staff at the clinic for there help. 

Selga and Noel, Ireland

Selga and Noel

Par kāju vēnu operāciju domāju jau kādus 4 gadus. Biju nolēmusi, ka 2015.gada sākumā operācija jāveic. Februāra sākumā devos uz izbraukuma konsultāciju pie Inta Ūdra Liepājā. Pēc konsultācijas sapratu, ka jāgatavojas vēnu operācijai.

Abas kājas operēja 24.februārī ar bioloģisko līmi. Biju sabijusies, bet viss velti. Operācija notika bez anestēzijas un ilga apmēram 1 stundu. Katrā kājā pa vienam dūrienam. Pēc pusotras stundas jau varēju braukt mājās un nebija jāvalkā vēnu zeķes.

Vienīgais mīnuss šai operācijai ir dārgās izmaksas. Paldies dakterim Intam Ūdrim, viņa personālam un asistentei Gunai.

Ar cieņu Indra Arāja

Indra Arāja