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Special offer! Live easier! Summer offer for education staff and seniors

Considering the topicality of vein diseases and their consequences, all summer long Veselības centrs 4 (VC4) is organising a vein health campaign for education staff and seniors. Special prices will be offered from 1 June to 31 August in Dermatology Clinic, VC4 Baltic Vein Clinic and other VC4 branches for vein disease diagnostics and vein surgeries!

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  • 27 € (usually 49 €) first consultation of a phlebologist + examination*,
  • 30% discount for wound cleaning by ultrasound (1 session).
  • 20% discount for a-PRF, i-PRF and a,i-PRF injections to stimulate trophic ulcer healing (1 procedure),
  • 20% discount for Bauerfeind compression stockings, ***
  • Each client will get more than 50 special discount coupons after consultation of a phlebologist.
  • 100 € discount for laser leg vein surgery and other thermal vein surgeries, **
  • 300 € discount for non-complicated vein surgery with cyanoacrylate adhesive! **

*The offer is valid for clients who apply for an appointment with a phlebologist during the promotional event.
*The offer is valid for clients who consult a phlebologist during the promotional event.
***The offer is valid during the promotional event for the patients having a Bauerfeind prescription issued by a physician.

Clients who underwent a surgery will be surprised by a cordial gift from the Baltic Vein Clinic:

  • VC4 mug.
  • Dr. Tereško Healthy Tea ''For Blood Vessels''.
  • VC4 Client Loyalty Card giving wide opportunities to get the best healthcare, diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and beauty care under especially profitable conditions.

The Baltic Vein Clinic guarantees high quality of its work – each client will get a life-long guarantee for the surgery performed and a Surgery Quality Certificate.

For your convenience phlebologist's consultations will also be organised in towns in Latvian regions! See the on-site consultation schedule here>>

The Baltic Vein Clinic will ensure an individual approach and the most appropriate treatment method which will help you restore health of your legs as fast as possible! Find out more about vein disease diagnostics and treatment options in Baltic Vein Clinic web page.

We offer you the opportunity to obtain a credit for your health due to cooperation with Platinum Credit Conditions! You only have to fill in an application in the medical centre issued by the medical personnel. We will take care of the rest! PROMPTLY. CONVENIENTLY. PROFITABLY.

For appointments please call: +371 20 550 550 (on weekdays from 09:00 to 17:00),

Consultations are given at the following branches of Veselības centrs 4:

  • 115 K. Barona Street, Riga (Baltic Vein Clinic/main building)
  • 50 Skanstes Street, Riga (Clinic of Dermatology)
  • 410 Brīvības gatve, Riga (Jugla Clinic)
  • 15A Duntes Street, 3rd, 4th floor, Riga (Capital Clinic Riga)
  • 180A Brīvības Street, 3rd floor, Riga (Diagnostic Department of Veselības centrs 4)
  • 1 Grebenščikova Street, Riga (Diagnostic Centre)
  • 5 Atpūtas Street, Valdlauči, Ķekava Parish (branch Valdlauči)
  • 10A – 2A Ģimnāzijas street (Private Clinic '' Family Health'')

Discounts in voucher booklets are offered in the following Veselības centrs 4 branches:

  • 115 K. Barona Street, Riga (Baltic Vein Clinic/main building)
  • 50 Skanstes Street, Riga (Clinic of Dermatology)
  • 15A Duntes Street, 3rd, 4th floor, Riga (Capital Clinic Riga)
  • 1 Grebenščikova Street, Riga (Diagnostic Centre)
  • 15 P. Brieža Street, Riga (Esthetic Medicine Clinic 4th Dimension)
  • 29 Lielirbes Street, 2nd floor (medical centre in SC Spice)
  • 117 Brīvības Street, Riga (Veselības centrs 4)
  • 18 Tallinas Street, Riga (Beauty Institute Liora)
  • 410 Brīvības gatve, Riga (Jugla Clinic)

You can buy Bauerfeind compression stockings in medical and beauty product shops Dynasty:

  • 180 Brīvības Street, Riga
  • 115 K. Barona Street, in the premises of VC4 Baltic Vein Clinic, 1st floor, Riga
  • 13. Janvāra Street 3, Riga,,,,,,,,,

Ints Ūdris is participating in the first Northern European Endovenous Forum

The first Northern European Endovenous Forum is taking place on 5 and 6 October in Rostock, Germany.

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Its initiators and organisers are Ints Ūdris, surgeon, phlebologist, vascular surgeon, leading specialist of SIA Veselības centrs 4 branch Baltic Vein Clinic, and his colleagues Dr. Ulf Thorsten Zierau from Berlin and Dr. Carl Henrik Schelp from Malmo.

The forum has gathered the leading European professionals in the field, who will share their experience and the newest achievements in treatment of leg veins.

Dr. Ints Ūdris introduced the colleagues with the results of his work on vein closing by using “VenaSeal™ Closure System” technology. It must be mentioned that Dr. Ints Ūdris has received the prize of “Sepheon” company for conducted surgical operations by using this innovative bioadhesive technology and outstanding results reached. Currently, Dr. Ūdris is testing the method that allows for much more gentle elimination of lateral vein branches than mini-phlebectomy, by closing them with an especially thin laser wire. It is expected that this method will be much more widely used in future.

Baltijas Vēnu klīnika branch was represented at the Forum by its manager Zane Rēvalde as well. She was invited to present the successful management model of the vein clinic, considering the fact that Baltijas Vēnu klīnika has earned recognition not only in Latvia and the Baltic States, but elsewhere in Europe as well. The manager of the clinic shared her experience on the marketing strategy of Baltijas Vēnu klīnika and attractive solutions used in patient communication, in comparison with other clinics of similar profile in Latvia.

We are proud of the international reputation and authority of our clinic and Dr. Ūdris!

The second Northern European Endovenous Forum will take place in Riga.

FotoFinder – for accurate diagnostics and automatic comparing of new skin formations

Year by year there are improvements in skin diagnostics thanks to special photo cameras, software, and accurate systems of scientific analysis. 

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The latest arrival in the dermatology technologies at the Health Center 4 is FotoFinder, a world-class skin diagnostics equipment made in Germany. This imaging system enables early detection of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer, as well as hair damage diagnostics (TrichoLAB) and assessment of psoriasis.

The computer allows to determine the malignancy risk and find non-melanoma skin cancer and pre-cancer formations.

Full-body dermatoscopy with photo imagining and video dermatoscopy allows you to create a “skin passport” which includes accurate information regarding the conditions of skin on your face, body, palms and feet.

The following people should consider FotoFinder skin formation screening:

  • people with many atypical birthmarks,
  • people with more than 50 birthmarks on their body,
  • people whose skin has suffered from intensive UV radiation,
  • people who at any point in their life have suffered a sunburn, especially if this has happened in their childhood,
  • people in whose family’s anamnesis (or in their own) there is malignant skin formations.

FotoFinder features:

  • standardized and systematic documentation of all skin formations,
  • accurate identification of new and/or changed skin formations,
  • skin formations are automatically analyzed during the examination,
  • automatic comparing enables you to follow the changes on your skin and detect a potentially malignant formation as soon as possible,
  • maximum results in the shortest time possible.