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A cocktail of summer offerings!

Special health and beauty offer for holders of "Veselības centrs 4" client card! 

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If you participate in the loyalty programme of “Veselības centrs 4”, this summer you will have an opportunity to receive high quality healthcare and aesthetic medicine services at a particularly favourable price.

Campaign offer:
During the campaign, loyal clients of Veselības centrs 4 receive a 50 EUR bonus for high quality services, - the campaign covers diagnostic examinations and aesthetic medicine procedures with a price of at least 250 EUR.

Campaign offer “Dermatology Clinic”: 

• Beauty injections (botulotoxin injections, filler injections);
• HIFU DOUBLU procedure for the entire face.

Appointment for the campaign offer by calling 67847481 or on site at registration desks of institutions 50 Skanstes Street, Riga! 


''Educator''s Day''

This year, Veselības centrs 4 (VC4) invites to use SPECIAL offers for teachers! Only 3 days – from July 1 to July 3 apply for a consultation with a phlebologist AND USE SPECIAL OFFERS at Baltic Vein Clinic, the branch of Veselības centrs 4, and at other branches of VC4, where diagnostics of venous diseases and vein surgeries are performed

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  • 20 % discount on consultation + duplex examination (by highly qualified specialists)
  • EUR 150 discount on laser surgery
  • EUR 300 discount for non-complicated vein surgery with adhesive 

GIFT – during the consultation you will receive coupons with special discounts for up to 50% of various related services at the branches of Veselības centrs 4 and group companies.


The offer is valid for clients who apply to a phlebologist from 01.07.20. until 03.07.20. Places are limited!

''Baltic Venus Clinic'' guarantees the quality of its work - each client receives a lifetime guarantee for the performed operation and the Operation Quality Certificate.

At the Baltic Vein Clinic, you will receive an individual approach and the most appropriate treatment method to regain the health of your feet as soon as possible!

Read more about the diagnosis and treatment options of venous diseases here: or watch the video here:

In cooperation with Platinum loan conditions, a loan for your health is available! At the medical institution, you only need to complete it as an application to be issued by the medical staff. We will take care of the rest! FAST. COMFORTABLE. BENEFICIAL!

FIND OUT MORE: 20 550 550 (on working days from 09: 00-17: 00),

Clients will be consulted in the following branches of ''Veselības centrs 4'':

Discount coupon book offers are available in the following branches of ''Veselības centrs 4'':

  • K. Barona Street 115, Riga (''Baltic Venus Clinic'' / main building)
  • Skanstes Street 50, Riga (''Clinic of Dermatology'')
  • Duntes Street 15A, 3rd, 4th floor, Riga ('' Capital Clinic Riga '')
  • P. Brieža Street 15, Riga (Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine ''4th Dimension'')
  • Lielirbes Street 29, 2nd floor (Medical center TC ''Spice'')
  • K. Barona Street 117, Riga ('' Health Center 4 '')
  • Tallinas Street 18, Riga (''Beauty Institute'' Liora '')
  • Baznīcas Street 18, Riga, 2nd floor (''Diplomatic Service Medical Center'')
  • Baznīcas Street 18, Riga ('' Anti - Aging Institute '')

Demand for remote medical consultations is growing

The society has reacted to the state of emergency in the country, and the demand for remote (online) consultations of physician has promptly increased this week, thus, taking care of patient health and access to medical services, Veselības centrs 4 branches and group companies have increased the number of physicians providing consultations online.

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Consultations on the video platform are given by general practitioners and specialists: endocrinologists, dermatologists, cardiologist, nutritionist, nutrition specialist, urologist, proctologist, vascular surgeon, etc. Doctors can write out the necessary e-prescriptions and make extracts from outpatient medical records online.

''Considering the seriousness of the situation, we have been talking with doctors about an increase of the number of specialists available online and available slots for consultations in the nearest future. Remote consultations can help patients with acute illnesses and patients with chronic illnesses who need e-prescriptions. However, certain examinations cannot be performed remotely. Physicians of all Veselības centrs 4 branches and companies of the group continue to work face-to-face in conditions of increased safety'', says Māris Rēvalds, Veselības centrs 4 Chairman of the Board.

All branches and clinics have adopted the most stringent safety measures to ensure maximum protection for patients and personnel. Health care professionals urge not to neglect the disease and consult a physician personally if a patient is not quarantined or self-isolated and does not have any COVID-19 symptoms (elevated temperature, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, etc.). is a fee-based video consultation platform providing access to medical care regardless of the patient''s location. You can pay for an online consultation by making a prepayment (using i-bank or a bank card) on the platform

Online consultations are provided by specialists in Veselības centrs 4 branches and Capital Clinic Riga, company of the group.

You can check if a specific physician is available on the website or by contacting Veselības centrs 4 call centre: Phone: +371 67847100 e-mail: